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Friends list clean-up

This morning I went through my friends list and cleaned it up a bit. I had around 130 people listed and now I only have 87 left.
People I deleted:

1.) they deleted me first
2.) They didn't post in their LJ in over 6 months
3.) I didn't remember who they were
4.) I didn't read their LJ anymore and don't think they read mine either.

I might do another round of deletion, but am not sure when that will happen, maybe tonight, maybe in a few months.

If you're not on my list anymore and think I deleted you by error, please let me know. :)

Thanks for understanding!

Still no internet

...approximate date is July 24, 2006. It's not confirmed yet, might be the 26th. Which is only 1 month after I was supposed to get it....

I'm alive

...but my internet access isn't

Just wanted to give you a quick note, that I'm alive and kickin'. However I don't have internet access at home yet, and can't really use the one at work. Only after work, which is how I'm here now. ;)
Anyway, I don't have access to my domain e-mails right now, webmail is blocked for some reason. :(

I will update you guys as soon as I get my internet hooked up.
Please click here. If all you can see is this entry and my friends only entry, please remove me from your friends list as I didn't add you back or removed you some time ago.
Would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Friends Only

Friends Only!
I'm going to switch my journal to friends only now. (already changed all past entries)