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nude woman

August 2006

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Sleek and Leopardy

Friends Only

Friends Only!
I'm going to switch my journal to friends only now. (already changed all past entries)


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noooo....I just didn't get to add you yet. Too much to do. Will add you in a sec. :)
Oo, I'd like to stay on your friends list, if that's alright? Pleeease? :)

(oh and wow, I didn't notice you had a Permanent Account until just now! eep! wasn't that a bit costly, or are you secretly one of those livejournal do-gooders?? ;))


Of course you'll stay on the list hun! Everyone will stay there for now. :)

And the permanent account. I got that at a point where I had enough money, not a do-gooder, though I have 1 support point! *proud smile*
OOOOOOOOOOOh was für ein niedliches Friends only Pic ;) Hab ich ja jetzt erst gesehen ;)

Und danke dafür, dass ich auf deiner Liste drauf bleibe *verneig*
hey, anna! its kathi from the codegrrl.com forums + the fanlistings forums.. I added you :)
Hi kathi!
I just added you back! :)
I don't know how I got here but I don't care... I just came to say that I love your justin&brian icon! :)
Hey Anna ;) It's Becca from TFL Adding you :)
Thanks! Added you back! :)


Hi Anna, It's me Lisa :P *leave a cookie* Can I stalk you? *grins*

Re: *waves*

Hey Lisa!

Why of course! I'd love to be stalked by you! :D
Hey Anna, it's Yasmine from TFL. Am I special enough to be added? *hopes*
Hey Yasmine!
Sorry it took so long. Just added you. :)

*leaves a cookie*

It's me Lisa with a new lj nick. blue_heart lj died *sobs*
Hi Anna,

ich wollte mal fragen, ob ich dich adden darf?
Würd mich freuen =)
Klar doch! :) Hab ich dich auch geaddet :)

Mi aggiungi? (Add me?)

Hi Anna, this is Ale! Thanks for the email, here I am. *waves* If you want you can add me :) Grazie!

Re: Mi aggiungi? (Add me?)

Just added you :)

Can I join???

Anyone who is that much in love with Jareth HAS to be cool!!!!

Can a be a friend?

Re: Can I join???

Added you :)
I can't believe I missed this post. *blushes*
Just added you. ^_^


*tweedles over*

It's Anna.

Re: *tweedle*

Added you! ^_^
Ello, it's TFL Emma here just letting you know I've added you as a friend! :D
Just added you back! :)
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