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lykiana's Journal

Anna "Jones" - Spinster & Lunatic
24 October 1978
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A Bio? Well, I don't know how well I am at writing a Bio about myself, but anyway, here goes...
I'm a currently 28 year old female (Who'd have guessed ;) from Germany. Just about 6 months ago I moved to Bavaria (close to Nuremberg) for a new job. I'm working for a tour operator as a project manager. Sounds more glamorous than it actually is, though.

If you didn't already notice, I am very very very obsessed with Malcolm Gets and Claire Danes.
And since I'm easily obsessed with things/people, I also carry the nickname "Queen of the Obsessed"

For everything else you would like to know, you might try checking out my homepage: Silent Dreams
Now, go check out the weather where I live!

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I syndicated my blog at silent-dreams.org! Wanna know even more about me? Then put _silentdreams_ on your friends list!

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